Discover the expert in you. Home mom style food tech money health more ehow featured: halloween allergies ehow pets & animals cat health cat anal glands treatment for a cat's anal prolapse x must see: slide shows treatment for a cat's anal prolapse anal prolaspe is not life-threatening and is more of an irritation to cats and their owners. Anal prolapse is the protrusion of the red mucous tissue lining of the rectum. Anal prolapse can occur briefly after your cat has a bowel movement but usually corrects itself after a few minutes. generic viagra canada There is no known specific cause for this condition in cats, however veterinarians check for ailments that cause irritation and discomfort and work to resolve them. viagra use by date With proper diagnosis and treatment, anal prolapse can be controlled or eliminated. Other people are reading rectal prolapse treatment how to express a cat's anal glands print this article ailments associated with anal prolapse tape worms and other intestinal parasites can irritate the area around the anus and are the most common causes for itching and pain. Check for a grouping of rice-like debris around the cat's hindquarters for an indication of worms. cheapest generic viagra online Constipation can cause cats to behave like their hindquarters are hurting. viagra no prescription usa Cats clean themselves, frequently ingesting their fur. This can cause serious constipation and pain in the anal area. Fleas, anal sac irritation, allergies, constipation and an inability to groom can cause discomfort for cats. Veterinarians treat these conditions which usually resolve the problems in the anal area. Misconceptions anal prolapse can be mistaken for rectal prolapse, a more serious condition that requires surgery. Anal prolapse is a protrusion of the outer layer of the anus, while rectal prolapse is the protrusion of the inner rectal tissue. Left without treatment, rectal prolapse can be life threatening. viagra and alcohol interactions You should take your cat to a veterinarian immediately to determine a diagnosis. Treatments an over-the-counter topical hydro-cortisone ointment is usually helpful for cats diagnosed with anal prolapse. Hydro-cortisone reduces the itching, swelling and redness in the anal area. Gently clean the area before applying the medication with a cotton swab. Preventing reoccurrence take precautions against the causes of discomfort and you can reduce the likelihood of anal prolapse reoccurrence. get online prescription for viagra Introduce more fiber into your cat's diet to avoid constipation. If obesity is causing poor grooming, a healthier diet and regular exercise is required. viagra coupon Cats that spend extended amounts of time outside have an increased likelihood of contracting worms and parasites. order viagra on line Look for symptoms that indicate parasites and have your cat checked regularly by a veterinarian for parasite prevention. Wa. get online prescription for viagra cheap viagra

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